Insurance and PEO Brokers

Simplexity Outsourcing works closely with independent insurance and PEO/ASO brokers. By choosing to place your customers with Simplexity, you will be able to offer. You will be able to include several other cost-saving business solutions, including payroll, payroll taxes, human resources, workplace safety, government compliance, benefits and much more. This is important because it not only gives you a competitive edge over other agents and brokers, it also helps you retain loyal customers, as well as continue to collect commissions for your efforts for as long as the client remains with one of the Simplexity partner companies.

We understand the sensitive relationship between agents and their clients. Simplexity Outsourcing helps our agents win new business and retain their renewals.  We are experts in navigating the underwriting process to achieve the most competitive rates for our clients.  Our relationships and substantial book of business gives us leverage other brokerages just don’t have.  We can turn an initial decline in to an APPROVAL!

Our staff will facilitate the entire submission, underwriting, presenting, and enrollment process for our agents and clients. We provide our agents and clients a valuable partner, consultant, and advocate to help navigate the entire process to completion.  We have helped thousands of companies save money, alleviate compliance burdens, and streamline HR processes so the owners can spend creative time building their businesses.

Other benefits agents and brokers receive when working with Simplexity Outsourcing include:

  • Simple Submission Process
  • Fast turn-around time for all quotes
  • Competitive commissions
  • Quick and easy onboarding process for your clients
  • Simplexity can offer both Group Health Insurance and PEO commissions if you are licensed
  • Simplexity can carve out Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Simplexity can carve out Group Health Insurance
  • Flexible underwriting for hard to place accounts
  • Competitive quotes from multiple PEO’s if needed
  • Simplexity offers payroll ONLY, PEO and ASO solutions
  • Regional and/or National PEO’s to select from
  • High-level client satisfaction
  • Monthly client satisfaction surveys
  • Lead generation program for PEO consultants

When you are ready to sign with Simplexity Outsourcing, it is extremely simple:

Once accepted as a Simplexity Agent/Broker, you will receive access to the following;

Simplexity Training (webinar)
“Simplexity Solutions” brochure
Simplexity Needs Analysis (simple questions to lead a prospect to potential solutions)

Your unique Access Code to the Simplexity “Right for Me” online questionnaire to present while you are in front of a client to quickly determine if one of the Simplexity Solutions is right for the client. If a solution is right, a Simplexity Outsourcing salesperson will contact the client on your behalf to set up a demo.

It’s that simple, you get trained to recognize opportunities, you get immediate credit for the opportunities with the completion of the Simplexity “Right for Me” questionnaire. Simplexity contacts, conducts solution demos, presents proposal, closes the client opportunity and you get commissions for the life of the client, as long as they stay with one of the Simplexity partners.

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