Simplexity Services

At Simplexity Outsourcing, we know there is not one business model, business strategy or business need that is the same. We work on your behalf to fit your business model, strategy or need with the PEO or ASO solution and other Benefits that are right for you.

Although the process of finding the right PEO or ASO partner would be timely, complicated and expensive on your own, Simplexity guides you through every step of the way making a very Complex task seem Simple. Our expertise and broad range of relationships with local, regional and national partners is complementary to you since we are only compensated from the solution you choose.

The process from beginning to the end of finding you the Perfect Professional Provider includes the following steps:

  • Simplexity listens. In our initial interview, we determine if a PEO or ASO is right for your business.
  • If a PEO or ASO is right for your business, we design your GrowthPrint, a Simplexity Outsourcing financial and management tool that determines your next steps for success for your business strategies.
  • Simplexity will request specific information from you, assimilate this information into a format required by PEO or ASO providers and submit your information to the potential partners we have identified which best aligns with your GrowthPrint. This is one set of forms compared to dozens of forms if you were to start this search on your own.
  • We ask you to click on our “Build a Quote” page to complete the questionnaire.
    There may be additional documents which may be required to complete your GrowthPrint strategy. You will be contacted with the proper forms for your situation.

+ Census Spreadsheet
+ Group Health Questionnaire
+ Personal health Questionnaires
+ Current Group Health Insurance Invoice
+ Health Insurance Plan(s) Summary of Benefits
+ Worker’s Compensation DEC Page

  • Simplexity provides the proposal(s) for your review. We also provide the cost analysis comparison, saving you hours of your valuable time, relying on our solid business background to give you the options for better rates and peace of mind.
  • You agree to the Client Service Agreement.
  • Simplexity develops your Implementation Strategy.
  • Simplexity manages your Implementation Strategy.
  • Simplexity monitors your PEO’s or ASO’s performance by regularly communicating with you and your staff to determine the level of service you are receiving. We then work with your service provider to make sure any issues are resolved in a timely manner.
  • Simplexity reviews options when it’s time to renew so your interests are top of mind. Simplexity works for you.

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